Working together to end poverty and injustice

End the injustice of poverty today

End the injustice of poverty today.

With your help we take on the big issues, wherever it matters. We save lives in disasters, and rebuild them afterwards. We confront the problems, the causes that keep people poor, like inequality, discrimination against women, climate change, and the eviction of people from their land. We support and assist people to build better lives for themselves. And we won’t stop until every person on the planet can enjoy a life free from poverty.

From the day your support starts, it will help:

  • Families receive vital supplies including food, water and shelter when disaster strikes
  • People get access to clean water, toilets, and soap to help met their vital needs and stop the spread of diarrhoea and cholera
  • To end violence against women by addressing policies, practices, ideas and beliefs
  • Farmers to grow and sell products, increasing their food security, and earn money selling those crops they don’t eat
  • To challenge the institutions and systems that cause poverty and injustice, from issues of inequality to climate change, wherever and whoever they may be.

With you we’re making lives, healthier and just. And we won’t stop until every person on the planet can enjoy a life free from poverty. 

Can buy a tap stand to provide clean, safe water
Can help farmers to grow more food for their families
Can help bring a human trafficker to justice
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