DR Congo

Give clean water to families in the DRC

Give clean water to families in the DRC

The armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has forced thousands of people to flee for their lives.

They survived the violence, but they can’t survive without clean water. 

Access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation is vital. It can save lives, keep families safe and give kids a chance for a happy, healthy future.

And by providing life-saving clean water close to home, women don't have to risk being raped just to survive. Find out more

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Commodities of war: Communities speak out on the true cost of conflict in eastern DRC

Recent waves of displacement in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, affecting more than 760,000 people since the beginning of 2012 in the Kivu provinces alone, reflect a new dimension to the country’s ongoing crisis. As the Congolese army fights M23 rebels, localised armed groups are springing up, and areas that were relatively stable are again under attack. Evidence gathered by Oxfam in 2012 shows that government soldiers, armed rebels, police, and civilian authorities are all vying for the right to exploit local communities and extort money or goods from them, pushing people further into poverty and undermining their efforts to earn a living.

Crisis in Congo

In the latest upsurge in violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), nearly 760,000 people have fled their homes and are in urgent need of healthcare, clean water, food, shelter and protection from violence.

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Eastern Congo faces insecurity and cholera threat

February 8, 2013

Over 700,000 vulnerable according to UN as region is hit by increased militarisation, poor harvest and little access to clean water.

Millions at the mercy of militias in Congo

December 20, 2012

Oxfam warns of risk of war on top of the daily violence and abuse people already face.

Growing crisis in eastern Congo

November 26, 2012

As the humanitarian crisis in eastern Congo grows, with thousands of people fleeing new fighting in the past 48 hours, Oxfam is stepping up the supply of life-saving aid to more than 80,000 people in and around Goma.

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April 10, 2014

Twenty years ago, the world stood by and watched as over 1,000,000 people in Rwanda were killed in 100 days.  Aid agencies saw what was happening and tried in vain to persuade Western governments to fulfil their obligations and intervene to stop the killing.

News blog: our emergency response to the crisis in Congo

November 19, 2008

Latest from Congo: Francoise's story - Rebecca Wynn - November 19, 2008  

Waking the devil: the impact of forced disarmament on civilians in the Kivus

The military operations launched against the FDLR since early 2009 have been presented as a bid for unity and peace that have so long eluded eastern DRC1 and so received considerable international acclaim and support, particularly through the UN peacekeeping force. Warnings of potentially devastating consequences for civilian protection over recent months have repeatedly met with the response that this is ‘the price to pay for peace’. In May 2009, Oxfam and a number of its partners interviewed residents in some of the areas of North and South Kivu where that price is being exacted.The threats, perpetrators and solutions presented here are recorded as the participants in the survey have reported them.