Around three-quarters of people in Vanuatu live in rural areas, and are dependent on subsistence farming. Vanuatu has a young population, but the limited opportunities for young people means they are increasingly vulnerable to poverty and health problems.

Oxfam's work in Vanuatu is supporting a wide variety of services to improve the lives of people living in rural communities, including the expansion of vocational skills training for young people, and improving access to a sustainable clean water supply and safe sanitation.

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The Con/Dominion of Vanuatu? Paying the Price of Investment and Land Liberalisation - a case study of Vanuatu's Tourism Industry

Oxfam commissioned this case study to stimulate debate around the issue of tourism in the Pacific and the role of international trade agreements.  The Vanuatu tourism industry provides a cautionary tale. The following case study shows that the industry has far more costs and fewer benefits than it should for local people and the Vanuatu economy. 

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