Around three-quarters of people in Vanuatu live in rural areas, and are dependent on subsistence farming. Vanuatu has a young population, but the limited opportunities for young people means they are increasingly vulnerable to poverty and health problems.

Oxfam's work in Vanuatu is supporting a wide variety of services to improve the lives of people living in rural communities, including the expansion of vocational skills training for young people, and improving access to a sustainable clean water supply and safe sanitation.

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Owning Adaptation in the Pacific: Strengthening governance of climate adaptation finance

Pacific Island peoples are already feeling the effects of climate change. Living in one of the world’s most vulnerable regions to climate impacts, Pacific communities face no option but to adapt if they are to build a resilient future. But adaptation poses different challenges from aid programmes and the delivery of public services.

Although climate change is a global issue, its risks and impacts are felt locally, across all levels of society. This means new resources are urgently needed to support Pacific governments to lead a multi-sector response that includes accountability at all levels, bottom-up approaches and integration of traditional understanding of environmental change.

This research aims to contribute to the ongoing debate among Pacific Island countries, and the international community more generally, on ways to strengthen national governance of the funding used for adaptation in the Pacific region.

Improving livelihoods

An introduction to our livelihoods work in Vanuatu. We are working with local partners in Vanuatu to improve and expand local people's skills so that they can lift themselves out of poverty, for good.

Vanuatu Rural Development and Training Centres Association (VRDTCA)

VRDCTA is a network of vocational based schools designed for young people who have been pushed out of the formal educational system and provides them with training in specific skills to improve the quality of life in rural areas. Oxfam NZ began its partnership with VRDTCA in 2003.

Voices from Vanuatu

Meet Kency Philip, student at the Pektel Rural Training Centre

Meet 19-year old Kency Philip who is studying at the Pektel Rural Training Centre in northwest Malekula and learning new skills so he can build a useful career.