The Future is Equal

I Hear You

At the end of 2015, more than 65 million people had been displaced worldwide. John Cho, Minnie Driver, Margot Robbie, Gael Garcia Bernal and others, help humanise this figure and lend their voices in support of those refugees who were forced to flee from their homes in search of safety, peace, equality and basic necessities.

“It was the night we decided if we could stay in Syria or not,” Al Madrigal reads on behalf of a Syrian refugee. “We had everybody in the basement. We were all afraid we were going to die down there. We decided we can’t all die. The kids have to make it. Some of us have to make it for the kids. We decided to split up and leave. The house… it was completely destroyed by a bomb. We were 11 brothers. Four of us are here. The others, well, I only see them in photos.”

John Cho lends his voice to a Syrian teacher still providing an education to children in a refugee camp:

Minnie Driver tells the story of a Syrian mother whose child dreams of being a doctor:

Margot Robbie lends her voice to an aspiring lawyer whose college was bombed:

Gael Garcia Bernal reads the story of a refugee who once devoted his time to poetry: