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Eight Reasons Why Oxfam Unwrapped Charity Cards Make the Perfect Ethical Gift


With more people on the hunt for ethical Christmas presents, an Oxfam Unwrapped card is a gift you can feel good about giving to someone you care about.

With these unique cards, you can make a loved one smile, while fighting poverty and protecting the environment, one gift at a time. Here’s how Oxfam Unwrapped makes an impact.

1. Helping people to overcome income inequality

Oxfam NZ’s work is focussed on providing families in the Pacific with sustainable, resilient pathways out of poverty. When you buy a gift such as a goatchickenonions or honey bees, you’re helping set up small businesses in Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. The animals are well looked after and the aspiring farmers are offered support and training to give their ventures the best chance at success.

2. Improving access to education

We’re working with schools and families around the world to give children, especially the next generation of girls, a quality education. Oxfam’s approach is wide-ranging and includes improving facilities and the quality of teaching, inspiring communities to value education more highly, and providing school supplies.

3. Supporting those most in need

When tropical cyclones hit the Pacific, Oxfam is on the ground helping those who have been affected with hygiene kits and safe water, before going on to help communities rebuild their lives. Cards such as A Soft Landing After a Hard Fall or Water for a Family help to provide necessities for those affected by natural and man-made disasters, such as refugee crises.

4. Promoting gender equality

Educate and empower the next generation of women’s rights activists in places like Vanuatu with the Mana Wahine card. Women are supported with opportunities to generate sustainable livelihoods, and aspiring activists are trained in effective ways of campaigning for gender equality and the eradication of violence against women.

5. Go plastic free

Christmas Day can easily lead to an overload of waste, so we’ve made sure that your gift comes in organic, compostable and recyclable packaging and courier bags. Or even better: select a digital (PDF) card which you can download and send to be completely waste-free.

6. Showing kindness to animals

Our farmers given training to provide their animals with the best possible care and on visits to our programmes we find them healthy and enjoying life. Products we include alongside our cards in our Premium Gifts, such as Ethique Shampoo Bars, are cruelty-free and save on plastic.

7. Fair Trade all the way

Not only will you help aspiring farmers get a fair price for their produce, all Oxfam Unwrapped promotional products, like Fair Trade Chocolate, are ethically sourced from small producers. This means those all along the supply chain are paid a fair price for what they sell, leading to a more equal world for everyone involved.

8. Spreading good vibes and generosity

By gifting a gift card like Feed a Family for Christmas, you can enjoy your festive meal, with the knowledge that you’ve helped a family in need purchase food during a hard time. Cards like these help to provide vouchers for families, like Rohingya refugees who have fled Myanmar, so they’re able to purchase necessary food and spices.

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