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Kiwis have a Fairtrade cuppa to give farmers a fair go

Kiwis across the country are getting together over a cuppa to make a difference in the lives of people living in poverty in the developing world.

Kiwis across the country are getting together over a cuppa to make a difference in the lives of people living in poverty in the developing world. 
They’re getting involved in Oxfam’s Morning Tea, a fun and easy fundraising event where people get together at home, work, school and in their communities to enjoy some Fairtrade goodies and raise money to help people lift themselves out of poverty.
Hosts sign up online and receive a goodie bag containing Fairtrade certified tea, coffee, chocolate and hot chocolate (kindly donated by Scarborough Fair, L’Affare, Whittaker’s and HealthPak) to share with their guests. They collect donations at their event or online in the lead-up which support Oxfam’s community development programmes in the Pacific and Southeast Asia.
The money raised by New Zealanders goes towards Oxfam’s work with communities at the grassroots level, as well as campaigns against the root causes of poverty. Oxfam also provides disaster relief in situations like the recent earthquake in Nepal – the agency was able to move quickly and provide life-saving aid to those who needed it most.
This year, celebrity chefs and bakers Nadia Lim and Robert Oliver will be putting the jug on as the official ambassadors for the event. Oliver says it is a fun and effective way to support a worthwhile cause.
“What could be better than getting together with a group of friends for tea and laughs, knowing that in doing so you are supporting Oxfam’s incredible projects. I have worked with Oxfam partners in Samoa and can speak from first-hand experience that a little of Oxfam’s smart help goes a long way towards changing lives in a positive, culturally relevant way.”
Gwen Green, Oxfam’s Engagement Director, says Oxfam’s Morning Tea isn’t just about raising money; it’s an annual celebration of Fair trade.
“When farmers are paid fairly for their products, we see people able to make real improvements to their lives and their communities. Producers who used to struggle to feed their families are able to give their children an education, and communities can build schools and develop businesses. It is one of the smart solutions to poverty.”
Green is inspired by the Kiwis who have taken on hosting an Oxfam Morning Tea, and are positively impacting the lives of those in extreme poverty.
“It only requires a small change in which products we choose to buy – like Fairtrade certified coffee – but it can make all the difference to growers in the developing world, and their communities. We’re really grateful to all of the Oxfam Morning Tea participants and supporters for everything they do to enable Oxfam’s work.”
Oxfam’s Morning Teas are held during Fairtrade Fortnight from May 8-22. To support the fundraising effort or to sign up as a host, visit or phone 0800 600 700.