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Oxfam reacts to Government’s farmgate emissions pricing system

In reaction to the Government’s farmgate emissions pricing system, Oxfam Aotearoa climate justice lead Nick Henry says: 

“A system for pricing agricultural emissions is starting to shape, but there are some major holes that need filing if Aotearoa is to do its part in keeping global warming to 1.5 degrees. Farming is responsible for almost half of New Zealand’s emissions. The system must be transparent, fair and effectively reduce emissions. 

“The governments proposed cautious approach does little to help people across the Pacific and beyond to keep their homes and their livelihoods. This is not a business deal; this is our future.   

“We already know what it is going to take to tackle agriculture emissions: we need an effective system to price and reduce emissions, with support to turn around the farming sector from being Aotearoa’s biggest polluter, into a solution for tackling climate change and restoring nature. That involves a phase out of synthetic nitrogen fertiliser, and investing billions to support agriculture to transition to low emissions and regenerative agriculture.”