The Future is Equal

Oxfam reacts to Ukraine and Russia’s recently signed grain deal

In reaction to Ukraine and Russia’s recently signed grain deal, Max Lawson, Oxfam International’s Inequality Policy & Advocacy Lead said:

“This is extremely important news that puts people before politics. The deal will help calm spiralling food prices that have fuelled poverty and hunger worldwide.

“It will help countries already mired in hunger crises, which relied on Ukraine and Russia for their wheat imports until the war broke out. This includes Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya, which have experienced soaring food prices amidst the worst drought in nearly 40 years, and Yemen.

“We have already seen an immediate reaction on global markets. The price of wheat is down 5 percent right now. But this drop in global prices may not translate into an immediate reduction in the cost of grocery items. This is especially true if billionaire traders hoard wheat as it becomes available in the market.

“This agreement alone won’t solve the hunger crisis impacting multiple countries worldwide. We need a concerted global effort to ensure everyone has equal access to affordable, nutritious food. That means fixing our deeply unequal food system.

“It is critical that food is not used as a weapon of war. Grains must be able to move swiftly to countries most in need. It is equally important that aid organisations are able to purchase this wheat and get it to those who desperately need it.”