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Oxfam reacts to the UN Global Humanitarian Plan for 2022

In reaction to the launch today of the UN Global Humanitarian Plan for 2022, Oxfam Global Programs Director, Lydia Zigomo, said:

“Around the world today, humanitarian need is at its highest-ever level, and what is worse is that the international community has long known all the terrible causes behind it. The people who are most in need of help have been ignored as rich nations have turned inwards in response to the COVID-19 crisis – hording vaccines, continuing their huge carbon emissions, and closing their borders to those seeking safety.

Around 274 million people worldwide, many of whom are women and girls, are experiencing unimaginable suffering because of three lethal Cs – climate change, conflict and COVID-19. They urgently need help. For this reason, the UN is asking for the world’s largest appeal to date, a 17 percent increase compared to last year, and rich nations must step up to avoid a catastrophic failure ahead.

Oxfam calls upon all governments, especially the rich nations who are most responsible for the climate crisis and vaccine inequality, to fulfil their obligations and channel more funding to match the humanitarian need and help immediately to save lives. Governments and the international community must ensure a more coordinated response to help communities rebuild their lives, ensuring that women and local organisations on the frontline of the humanitarian response are better funded.”



  • Oxfam’s Global Program Director is at the meeting and available for interviews
  • The Global Humanitarian Overview (GHO) 2022 launches on 2 December in Geneva. It is the world’s most comprehensive humanitarian assessment. The report will be available on the report website:
  • The UN Global Humanitarian Overview 2022 can be found at
  • Photos with captions and UNifeed video
  • The launch is aired live on UN Web TV here.