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Oxfam’s annual Generosity Index highlights most giving Kiwis in Aotearoa

Bertha with the chickens she raises with support from Oxfam's livelihoods project in Vanuatu.
Bertha, 54, with the chickens she raises with support from Oxfam partner FSA. Oxfam Unwrapped donations support projects like Oxfam’s livelihoods work in Vanuatu, which provides training, tools and other support to women like Bertha. Photo: Artur Francisco/Oxfam

Oxfam New Zealand has published the results of its annual Generosity Index, revealing the most generous towns, cities and regions in the country.

Nelson-Tasman has been named New Zealand’s most generous region in 2019, beating the rest of the country for the biggest hearts. Last year’s winner, Wellington, came in second place with Otago rounding out the top three.

Every year, the Generosity Index ranks the most generous towns, cities and regions based on the number of Oxfam Unwrapped gifts purchased per capita.

Wellington City topped the list of most gifts per capita for a town or city, followed closely by Christchurch City and Auckland.

Rachael Le Mesurier, Executive Director of Oxfam New Zealand, said: “We’re incredibly thankful to all the wonderful Kiwis who chose to make a difference with their gift-giving this past year. It’s heartening to see more people making conscious purchasing decisions that empower others around globe. It’s that generous spirit that is helping to change lives.

“Oxfam Unwrapped is a unique way to give gifts that matter, through your donations to Oxfam’s work. Your continued support means that we can keep doing these vital projects in the Pacific and work with our local partners to support the world’s most vulnerable communities.

“Each and every one of the most generous regions, towns and cities have something to be proud of – congratulations and thank you for choosing to support Oxfam Unwrapped. Your generosity is truly inspiring, and is creating long-lasting change for people living in poverty.”

Oxfam Unwrapped is a charity gift catalogue and one of Oxfam New Zealand’s biggest fundraisers. When Kiwis purchase an Unwrapped gift, they receive a card relating to a particular Oxfam project. The funds are directed to where they’re needed most, giving someone living in poverty the chance of a better life.

The donations are vital in supporting Oxfam’s life-changing programmes in the Pacific and beyond, helping to improve access to water and sanitation, support vulnerable families in creating sustainable incomes, and promote gender equality.

The gift cards range from honey bees that support beekeepers and the ever-popular goat, to school supplies that assist children with learning and solar lamps that bring light. All the cards are symbolic representations of different to areas of Oxfam’s work. Donations go towards the related projects or wherever it’s needed most – meaning communities receive the type of support they truly need.

Gift cards can be purchased at or by calling toll-free on 0800 600 700.

The top ten most generous regions in Oxfam Unwrapped’s 2019 Generosity Index are:

  1. Nelson
  2. Wellington
  3. Otago
  4. Auckland
  5. Canterbury
  6. Manawatu-Wanganui
  7. Taranaki
  8. Marlborough
  9. Hawke’s Bay
  10. Waikato

The top ten most generous cities in Oxfam Unwrapped’s 2019 Generosity Index are:

  1. Wellington City
  2. Christchurch City
  3. Auckland
  4. Lower Hutt City
  5. Dunedin City
  6. Nelson City
  7. Palmerston North City
  8. Hamilton City
  9. Tauranga City
  10. New Plymouth District


  • The Generosity Index is formulated by calculating the number of gifts given per capita from available population data.
  • Oxfam Unwrapped has raised over $6 million for Oxfam New Zealand’s work in the Pacific and around the world since its inception in 2005.