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Oxfam India: Poor and marginalised communities most vulnerable to unpredictable floods

Oxfam India is responding to the catastrophic flooding in the National Capital Region and Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand which has claimed more than 150 lives so far. Oxfam India’s humanitarian response will be concentrating on emergency food, water and sanitation, personal hygiene kits and temporary shelters.

Oxfam India’s CEO, Pankaj Anand said, “We are unfortunately witnessing one of the worst floods to hit the nation’s capital in more than 45 years! Floods have wreaked havoc in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand as well. Families living on the banks of Yamuna River have been displaced and are forced to live on the pavements. It remains deeply unjust that the poor and marginalised communities are the most vulnerable right now. With more rains predicted in New Delhi and other parts of North India in the coming days, our humanitarian team’s objectives are to ensure the survival of the worst affected families through improved access to shelter. We will also be focusing on immediate survival through food security and providing material and facilities for maintaining safe and hygienic practices around water sanitation & hygiene”.

Oxfam India has identified the worst affected areas through a rapid vulnerability assessment done in consultation with local partners and other stakeholders. Oxfam India maintains close coordination with Inter Agency Group (IAG), SPHERE, State and National Disaster Management Authority, district level authorities and other actors who are responding to the floods.

Oxfam India’s humanitarian response includes providing safe and clean water for the flood affected communities. Distribution of ‘Hygiene and dignity Kits’ among the affected households. Restoration of Water points that got destroyed or damaged during floods through chlorination and minor repairing. Installation of temporary toilets at the relief camps and at community level. Village and community cleaning and Installation of flood resilient high-raised tube wells for use by the community during future floods and throughout the year.

Given the rapidly changing situation in terms of severity of impact of floods in different geographical areas, Oxfam India will regularly review the project areas and will continue to focus on high impact but underserved areas in Delhi NCR, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and other parts of North India.