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Scotland to significantly increase its Climate Justice Fund

Welcoming the news that Scotland will significantly increase its Climate Justice Fund, Jamie Livingstone, Head of Oxfam Scotland, said:

“This announcement from the First Minister has hugely raised the stakes as the COP26 talks enter their final few hours: sending a powerful message to the leaders of other rich nations that it’s simply unconscionable to leave poor countries picking up the tab for a climate crisis they did least to cause.

“Other governments must now step up and follow Scotland’s lead by making substantial new financial commitments to developing countries, where people are already losing their lives, homes and livelihoods to climate change.”


Notes to Editor

  • Read the full announcement by the Scottish Government here:
  • The Scottish Government had previously announced it would boost its Climate Justice Fund to £24 million over the life of the current Parliament. It will now increase the Fund by a further £12 million.
  • Last week, Scotland became the first rich nation to create a dedicated fund for countries experiencing the irreversible impacts of climate change. This pioneering ‘loss and damage’ fund, set within the wider Climate Justice Fund, was originally set at £1m. Today’s announcement sees loss and damage funding doubled to £2 million.