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Papua New Guinea

Tari photo blog

Photo blog from Tari in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea

PNG celebrates its 31st independence anniversary — September 2006.

And the Hela people in Southern Highlands province turned up in all their finery to mark the occasion at the Annual Rural Show in Tari. The show is organised by the Community Based Health Care, a local organisation supported by Oxfam.

Community Based Health Care promote agriculture, health and other village-based economic activities among rural communities in the highlands region, empowering people to be self-reliant and to lead healthy, sustainable lifestyles – and the independence anniversary show is the annual celebration of the their successes.

In September 2006, Oxfam welcomed the opportunity to have the Campbell Llive TV crew report on the huge contributions made by many thousands of New Zealanders through Oxfam Unwrapped gifts and on the positive impact our work is having in this remote corner of the world.


Typical Huli wigman among the Show crowd.
Happy faces.
Campbell Live reporter Claire Silvester, and camaraman Matt Hunter with a youth dance group.
Oxfam’s Papua New Guinea Programme Manager, Steve Hamilton takes on a local wrestler – to the roars of the crowd – in a wrestling competition.
Minister of Tourism for the Hela region – in his Show finery. He remembers as a child seeing the lights of WWII planes flying over his village at night – frightening his community who thought they must be evil spirits.
Who got your goat? Oxfam Unwrapped offers an opportunity to buy a Christmas gift that will really make a difference to the lives of others. You buy a gift card with an image of a goat, cow, safe water for 500 people, or the chance to learn for 100 children. You send that card on to your friends, family or work colleagues – knowing that the gift is going somewhere it will make a real difference – such as the Hela people in the Southern Highlands.
Camaraman Matt plays back footage to the delight of villagers.
Susan Mulungu and her husband welcomed the TV crew to their home. Susan proudly showed off her prolific gardens and healthy livestock, and spoke about the value of the Community Based Health Care programme in bringing income security, safety for her family and community, and the growth of personal savings and good health.
Susan was awarded Second Prize at the Show, for the quality of her produce. Through the assistance of the Community Based Health Care programme, Susan has received training assistance in animal husbandry and new ways of growing food. Her family has now been identified as a Model Family and she in turn works with other families within her community – developing their skills.

Photos: Prue Smith/Oxfam