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It should be as easy as turning on a tap. Yet for Rosita, there’s a mountain and about 10,000 deadly parasites between her and a drink of clean water for her children.

For most of Rosita’s life, she walked for three to four hours each day to collect water. And it’s not an easy walk…

Rosita’s village in the mountainous Liquica District of East Timor, is located on top of a ridge, so the walk to the river is dangerously steep. Each trip would take her more than 90 minutes. And because Rosita can only carry 10 litres each journey, she would make this trip three or four times a day.

Not only was the journey long and strenuous, the water she collected for her family was not even clean: “I used to worry that animal waste was in the river and maybe because of that my children got sick.”

Rosita knew the risks, but she had no choice. There was no other source of water.

Yet getting clean water to people is not impossible – it just takes someone to do something.

Host your own fundraiser

There are lots of fun ways to raise funds for Oxfam’s Water for Survival work. You could organise a water trivia night, hold a ‘rubber ducky’ race, host a blue cocktail party or arrange a car wash. There are lots of other ways to fundraise too. If you would like information on organising a fundraiser for Oxfam Water for Survival please download the Water for Survival Public Fundraising Kit provided to committee members or contact oxfam@oxfam.org.nz

Volunteer with a Water for Survival regional group

The Water for Survival regional groups are made up of volunteers from around the country who help increase Oxfam's profile around New Zealand and raise money for our water and sanitation projects.

Activities include holding fundraising events, having a presence at local festivals or events, visiting local organisations to apply for funding, and educating the public about the global water crisis.