Papua New Guinea and Bougainville

Oxfam has worked in Papua New Guinea for nearly 20 years, operating in the Highlands, Bougainville, Port Moresby and Sepik regions. Oxfam focuses on three key areas of work, working directly through local partner organisations.

Improving livelihoods

Oxfam is helping women and men to make the most Papua New Guinea’s rich natural resources in a sustainable way. We are improving people’s livelihoods by working with our partner organisations to help communities achieve the right to live free from poverty, with a sustainable income and secure food supply. Our partners have particular strengths in developing sustainable incomes through livestock and horticulture programmes.

Factsheet: livelihoods in PNG

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Water, sanitation and hygiene

Oxfam is improving the health of rural communities by improving access to safe water supplies, sanitation facilities and improved hygiene practices.

  • Sanitation for schools in the Highlands of PNG
    Oxfam and our partner ATprojects are providing safe water, sanitation solutions and hygiene education to primary schools in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, including schools in some very remote areas.
  • Water in rural Bougainville
    Oxfam is training rural communities to build and maintain water supply systems and sanitation facilities, and providing health and hygiene education.

Factsheet: water, sanitation and hygiene in PNG

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Gender justice and ending violence against women

Oxfam is working to reduce violence against women through community outreach work including peer support services, and ensuring that there is increased access to quality crisis support centres. These services are for survivors, perpetrators, as well as men and boys. Oxfam is also the only INGO in PNG specifically working against sorcery related violence and the Oxfam supported Case Management Centre in Lae is the first of its kind to provide women affected by sexual and family violence with the counselling, support and intervention they need to obtain protection and justice.

  • Confronting sorcery
    Accusations of sorcery are an ever-present threat to the safety of women in Gumine. An Oxfam research project concludes that legal reform and education are essential to reduce the damaging effects of sorcery beliefs in Papua New Guinea.

Factsheet: working with women in PNG

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