Improving livelihoods in Papua New Guinea

Photo: Rodney Dekker/Oxfam NZ

Oxfam works with local partners to improve livelihoods in Papua New Guinea. We help people achieve the right to live free from poverty in a secure and just society, with a big focus on ensuring food security - adequate access at all times to sufficient, safe and nutritious food.

Oxfam in PNG’s livelihoods project is helping farming families boost the quality and quantity of the crops and assisting them to sell these for a decent price at lucrative markets. Making a decent income from crops means that farmers can send their children to school, access decent healthcare and reliably put nutritious food on the table.

We are also helping people to re-build peace after years of civil strife and tribal conflict. Gender-based violence is an ongoing problem that we continue to fight against. Another key area of our work is safe water and sanitation. With basic toilets, clean water and education we can help to eradicate water-borne diseases that afflict so many people in the country.

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