Our partner: KGWan

KGWan eco-tourism house
A KGWan eco-tourism house made with locally milled wood.
  • Headquarters: Kundiawa, Simbu Province
  • Founding date: 2003
  • Mission: Supporting the women and men within communities to work together in achieving mutually beneficial objectives for both present and future generations.

KGWan is a village-based NGO working with the rural people in Mitnade, Chimbu province.  

The name 'KGWan' derives from the names of three clan groups, with K representing Kunaiku clan, G the Gereglkane clan and Wan for the Wandike clan.

KGWan is an eco-forestry based NGO that focuses on reforestation and building eco–homes. They are improving livelihoods through a diverse array of projects which include:

  • Setting up and operating a small-scale sawmill and selling the resulting timber.
  • An eco-homes project, which involved constructing permanent landowner housing (called forest cosy) for all clan members, using locally milled forest resources. To ensure gender equity, forest cosy houses are owned by mothers of individual families.
  • Constructing a guest house as part of an eco-tourism project. The house offers hospitality and guide services to tourists wishing to scale the highest peak in PNG, nearby Mount Wilhelm. Other local eco-tourism services are offered, including bush walking, bird watching, cultural shows and participation in day-to-day village activities. 
  • The construction of 12 kilometres of road from Gembogl district station to the KGWan project area
  • Construction of an elementary classroom
  • Reforestation project: To commemorate Environment Day on June 5, the community planted tree seedlings covering a landmass of 3.41 ha.