Osi Tanata

  • Founding date: 1998. Launched as a local entity in 2004 
  • Headquarters: Arawa, Bougainville 

Osi Tanata was formed in 1998 as an Oxfam New Zealand project to help improve livelihoods for remote rural communities and helping revitalise civil society by providing advocacy, vocational skills training and implementing small development projects.

Over the years, local Oxfam staff in Bougainville developed a dynamic and well-respected organisation that became the fully independent, non-governmental organisation known as Osi Tanata in July 2004.

Osi Tanata, which translates as ‘Custodian of the Land’, has over the years developed into a dynamic NGO that has grown from an organisation that focused on income generation projects into one that focuses on community development and training. It provides an opportunity for young people and women’s groups to acquire skills in leadership, community project management and governance.

Osi Tanata run a training programme for business studies for young people. Recently, 70 students graduated with certificates in basic accounting and clerical studies. Osi Tanata is on its way to becoming a self -sustaining business training institute.