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Improving incomes through organic vanilla in Vanuatu.
Growing and selling organic vanilla in Vanuatu offers local growers the chance to increase their income and improve life for themselves and their families.

Many farmers in the Pacific have long used organic farming methods, but without official certification, they are unable to sell their produce as organic on the global market.

With Oxfam’s help, Farm Support Association (FSA) in Vanuatu is enabling more growers to enter the lucrative global market in organics, which provides them with a much better price for their produce and the chance to improve life for themselves and their families.

FSA is currently working with small-scale farmers growing vanilla, ginger and other spices. They support farmers through technical assistance, training, field visits and mentoring to become organically-certified, as well as helping them access new markets. FSA also helps small-scale farmers establish producer organisations that can facilitate and coordinate access to local and international markets, allowing the growers to work together to get the best possible price for their produce.

Oxfam is currently helping FSA scale up its programme to reach over 300 organic rural farmers and community farming initiatives that will help improve incomes for up to 3,000 families.

Regional partnership

Oxfam is also supporting a new and innovative regional partnership between FSA in Vanuatu, Women in Business Development in Samoa and the Tonga National Youth Congress, who are all working to help rural communities earn an income through organics. By working together, these Pacific groups will be sharing knowledge and experience so they can increase and improve the vital services they provide to local growers.

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