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Rights in Crisis: Israel’s illegal annexation of parts of the West Bank On the announcement of Israel’s illegal annexation of parts of the West Bank Oxfam’s Country Director in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel Shane Stevenson said: “Today millions of Palestinians worldwide have been betrayed by the international community. This serious—and likely irreversible— plan to acquire occupied territory by force is a violation of the […]

Oxfam’s Response to Coronavirus

As the outbreak of the novel coronavirus continues, Oxfam is gearing up its entire humanitarian aid delivery system to help the poorest and most marginalised people as they face the rising tide of infections ahead. Despite access restrictions, we are working around the clock with our local partners in more than 60 countries to deliver […]

The Top Five Questions You Asked About Oxfam’s Call For A People’s Vaccine

Oxfam, along with UNAIDS and over 150 world leaders recently called for the forthcoming Coronavirus vaccine to be made available free of charge, to everyone on the planet. As researchers race to find a vaccine, you asked us some great questions about our call to action. Here are our answers: 1. why is it important for the covid-19 […]

Improving Safeguarding and Culture at Oxfam

The Oxfam Confederation has developed an “Improving Safeguarding and Culture Plan” to drive its work over the next two years. The Plan builds upon our ongoing work and is strengthened by the recommendations from both the Independent and Charity Commission reports. It aims to align our approach to safeguarding across Oxfam’s international confederation (i.e. 20 […]

Gavi launches COVID vaccine initiative for developing countries

Responding to the launch of a new initiative to help developing countries access a coronavirus vaccine at the Global Vaccine Summit today, Oxfam’s Health Policy Manager, Anna Marriott, said: “Gavi, and the governments behind it, recognise that high prices could prevent millions of people across the developing world being vaccinated against the coronavirus. Their response to this […]

Meet Nick and Renay – Mindful Travellers

Nick Potter and Renay Duncalfe, of Wellington have been driven by their strong values, supporting Oxfam New Zealand since the early 2000s. “We decided to support Oxfam because of the focus on the Pacific region…and because it campaigns to address the root causes of poverty (not just the symptoms). Oxfam is guided by good values, […]