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Vaccine monopolies make cost of vaccinating the world against COVID at least 5 times more expensive than it could be

The cost of vaccinating the world against COVID-19 could be at least five times cheaper if pharmaceutical companies weren’t profiteering from their monopolies on COVID-19 vaccines, campaigners from the People’s Vaccine Alliance said today. New analysis by the Alliance shows that the firms Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna are charging governments as much as USD$41 billion (NZD$58 […]

Billionaires blast into space as billions suffer on planet Earth

In response to Jeff Bezos’ space flight scheduled for Wednesday NZ time, Deepak Xavier, Oxfam International’s Global Head of Inequality Campaign, said:  “We’ve now reached stratospheric inequality. Billionaires burning into space, away from a world of pandemic, climate change and starvation. 11 people are likely now dying of hunger each minute while Bezos prepares for […]

Six-fold increase in people suffering famine-like conditions since pandemic began

11 people are likely dying every minute from hunger, now outpacing COVID-19 fatalities, warns Oxfam. A new Oxfam report today says that as many as 11 people are likely dying of hunger and malnutrition each minute. This is more than the current global death rate of COVID-19, which is around seven people per minute. The […]

Oxfam Aotearoa reacts to Lawyers for Climate Action (LCANZI) announcement

Lawyers for Climate Action (LCANZI) announced that they will be taking the Climate Change Commission (CCC) and Climate Minister James Shaw to the High Court arguing that the CCC’s report did not recommend climate action consistent with New Zealand’s obligations under the Paris Agreement. “We support this court action to ensure that New Zealand’s targets […]

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