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Disasters can strike at any time - as we've seen with the recent and destructive Tropical Cyclone Gita.

The full scale of destruction is beginning to emerge from Tonga in the aftermath of the severe cyclone that tore across the country on the night of February 12.

Almost 70% of the country’s population have been affected, a third of whom are children.

Water supplies across the main island of Tongatapu have sustained significant damage, making the risk of further outbreaks of waterborne disease a very real threat. Tonga was already addressing an outbreak of dengue fever in Tongatapu before the storm hit.

Jane Foster, Oxfam’s country director for Tonga, said: “Homes have been destroyed, government buildings flattened, and churches devastated.

“Oxfam’s main relief efforts will focus on our area of expertise: providing safe water for people, as well as sanitation supplies and public health support to help prevent the spread of water-borne diseases.”

We can only launch rapid responses to crises like Tropical Cyclone Gita because we have funds ready. These funds are crucial for Oxfam to act fast the moment disasters strike around the world.

To be there each time a disaster hits, we rely on you.

Can buy life-saving hygiene kits to stop disease
Can provide families with safe water for drinking and washing
Can help build toilets for families made homeless
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