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Cyclone Idai appeal

People's lives are in danger in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe in the wake of deadly Cyclone Idai. The cyclone made landfall on the night of 14-15 March causing extensive damage across southern Africa. Homes and farmland are completely wiped out in some areas. 

More than a thousand people are feared to have died, several hundred more are still missing and 2.6 million have been left destitute and in need of aid and basic services across the region. 

Oxfam teams are working around the clock to assess the needs of those worst affected.

We are planning to reach up to 775,000 people across the three countries with clean water, sanitation services, food and other non-food items like emergency shelters, in coordination with local partners. 

You can help us to get vital aid to the areas affected and save lives.

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Can buy and distribute food parcels
Can provide families with safe water and sanitation
Can help build emergency shelters for families
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