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Ecuador earthquake

Oxfam has deployed an evaluation team to Ecuador to determine its humanitarian response to the 7.8 earthquake that struck on the evening of April 16.

Oxfam has deployed an expert assessment team to determine its full response to a major earthquake that struck off the coast of Ecuador on the evening of April 16 (local time).

The team will be liaising with Oxfam staff and partners in Ecuador to assess the extent of the disaster and determine how best to assist the government response.

Official reports say the strongest quake to hit Ecuador since 1979 has left more than 230 people dead, hundreds wounded and the earthquake has caused severe damage to six regions in the northwest region of the country.

“With strong aftershocks still going on and initial reports of severe damage to buildings and infrastructure, there is not a moment to waste,” said Carlos Calderon, Oxfam New Zealand’s Humanitarian Manager.

“A state of emergency has been declared in Ecuador. Our priority now is to get an expert assessment of the earthquake´s impact in order to offer aid in the most appropriate and effective way to those people who are affected the most. We will coordinate with local authorities so that our actions are complementary to government agencies.”

Oxfam has worked in Ecuador for almost 30 years, running disaster preparedness, social, economic, and gender justice programs with Indigenous communities and others.

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