Our partner: Community Development Agency

  • Headquarters: Kundiawa, Simbu Province
  • Founding date: 2001
  • Mission: CDA aims to empower communities to be self reliant, address social issues, resolve their own conflicts and minimise tribal conflicts through a community organisation process.

The CDA was formally established in 2001 by a group of young local men.

Their work started as a result of three separate post-election violent conflicts in the three different locations in Gumine (Dom, Yuri and Golin tribal communities). An estimated 3000 people had their lives devastated and were displaced with mass destruction to properties, gardens and village settlements. Years since the conflict, livelihoods are slowly recovering.

The group developed in response to emerging social problems, which they attributed to a large and increasingly marginalised youth population. A growing number of male youths were outside the formal education system and faced with limited employment opportunities, so had become reliant on the cultivation of drugs and criminal activity for money.

The CDA takes a holistic and human-centred approach to community development. Core values underpin CDA’s drive for social, spiritual, economic, and cultural development, which includes upholding Christian principles, gender equality, self-reliance and empowerment, economic sustainability, community justice, and environmental protection.

Building good community cohesion, strong community leadership and hope for good and sustainable livelihoods has underpinned their work in 25 strategic locations throughout Gumine District, which has a population of 60,000.