Tonga National Youth Congress (TNYC)

Oxfam New Zealand is working with local partner the Tonga National Youth Congress (TNYC) to support rural communities in Vava’u, Tongatapu, Ha’apai, Eua, Niuatoputapu and Niuafo’ou through virgin coconut oil production.


  • Headquarters: Nuku'alofa
  • Founding date: 1991
  • Website: Visit the TNYC Facebook page
  • Mission: To better the welfare of youth of the Kingdom of Tonga through programmes that foster responsibility, citizenship, community service and leadership

Strengthening business

Oxfam has forged a close relationship with the Tonga National Youth Congress (TNYC). The TNYC was established in 1991 as an umbrella body to represent and project the voice of young people in the Kingdom. Through a range of projects it seeks opportunities to encourage and empower young people’s talents and creativity.

The TNYC focuses on four key branches of work, one of which is the Business and Profit Oriented Division. Through this branch, Oxfam has assisted the TNYC in expanding the Future Organic Farm of Tonga (FOFT) group as an income generating business, focusing on the production of virgin coconut oil.

A national organic network

TNYC is the national focal point for organics in Tonga and a member of POETCom (Pacific Organics Ethical Trade Committee). Oxfam is strengthening the National Lead Organics bodies to ensure that all organic organisations in the Kingdom:

  • are coordinated
  • advocate on national policy
  • campaign for government endorsement of the Pacific Organic Standards
  • raise awareness of organics
  • support local and international marketing strategies
  • develop links to the tourism and hospitality industries.

This is being led through the recruitment of a dedicated project manager to develop the TNYC’s strategic planning and training.