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Jason November 24, 2014
16 Days of Activism is a global campaign to end gender violence. In the Solomon Islands the family violence statistics are shocking, but Oxfam's programmes are creating inspiring change. 
Michael November 18, 2014
Agnes, door-to-door volunteer, helps prevent Ebola spread in Liberia
Charlotte November 7, 2014
One year on from the disaster, the emergency phase of our response has finished. Thanks to Oxfam’s supporters around the world, we have been able to reach more than 860,000 people. Now our focus is on long term recovery and rehabilitation.
Michael October 31, 2014
Climate advocates in the Philippines embark on a 1000km  journey, by foot from the landing place of Typhoon Haiyan to call for climate justice.
Michael October 30, 2014
This week Oxfam launches a campaign to highlight one of the biggest issues of our time – extreme economic inequality. Seven out of ten of us now live in countries that are more unequal than they were 30 years ago and the richest 85 people own the same wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion. But why is this important for an organisation like Oxfam?
Michael October 23, 2014
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Michael October 16, 2014
“Today I thank rural mothers, daughters and grandmothers for producing the food we eat, and I salute those who are the leaders in farming communities all over the world”
Michael October 16, 2014
David Tong, Chair of the P3 Foundation, writes for Blog Action Day
Michael October 16, 2014
Susi Newborn, Oxfam Campaigner, writes for Blog Action Day
Michael October 16, 2014
Marianne Elliott, National Director of ActionStation, writes for Blog Action Day