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Stuart April 26, 2015
Shaheen Chughtai, an Oxfam Humanitarian worker in Nepal, explains that Kathmandu was a disaster-in-waiting. Not just by its violent geology. Not just because a million-plus people are crammed inside it, but also by the lack of the kind of economic and social infrastructure that people in richer nations take for granted. Oxfam feared what a big earthquake would do and we have invested a lot into "disaster risk reduction" planning. Now all this work will be severely tested over the coming days and weeks and months.
Jason April 17, 2015
Anita Omar was just like many of the people living on less than US$1.25 per day; she struggled to feed her children and couldn’t afford the basics of a decent, healthy life. But when Oxfam worked with the community to build high-quality wells and rainwater harvesting systems, it did more than just quench their thirst. A lot more.
Michael April 8, 2015
“We heard you were coming on the radio this morning,” they told us, their excitement and relief palpable. “You’re the first people to come here since the cyclone.”
Peace Warriors
Michael April 8, 2015
Raymond Huber's new book launches April 23, with 50 per cent of the author's royalties supporting Oxfam
Charlotte March 30, 2015
Oxfam's Amy Christian joins the team on the ground to deliver hygiene kits  to an evacuation centres in Port Vila.
Stuart March 24, 2015
Oxfam's Amy Christian meets, Lisa and her newborn son Jeremiah in Etas. Lisa was heavily pregnant when the storm started and had to shelter in the local church. Her home and food garden was destroyed. The day after the storm she went into labour and now she is still living in the church with a seven day old baby.
Oxfam Executive Director Rachael Le Mesurier collecting for the Cyclone Pam appeal outside Countdown Mt Eden on Wednesday
Stuart March 20, 2015
We’ve had so many calls from people asking whether there’s anything more they can do to help. If you’ve donated already, we want to thank you for your generous support. Here are some more ideas on how you can help.
Stuart March 19, 2015
Satellite photos are providing an increasingly important role in humanitarian emergencies, revealing the level of destruction and allowing a very visual before and after comparison. Two new galleries of such images have just been published in the news media, from two different emergencies, the Syria conflict crisis and the Cyclone Pam devastation.
Stuart March 19, 2015
Just days after the President of Vanuatu almost broke down as he spoke of the devastation that Tropical Cyclone Pam had inflicted upon his nation, the mood is bittersweet at the closing of the Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in Sendai, Japan. The fight for strong and accountable action to reduce disaster risk is now more important than ever.  
Stuart March 12, 2015
Enormous numbers have had to flee violence in Syria. Most are disappointed with the ineffectiveness of the international community. A new report by Oxfam and 20 aid and human rights organisations shows there is good reason for this disillusionment.