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Youth Challenge Vanuatu student Glenda Mass uses the e-learning platform from Upskill.

Youth Challenge Vanuatu launches E-learning pilot to support youth during disasters and beyond

It is a familiar conundrum around the world during the coronavirus pandemic – students crammed into home offices or at …
The Carbon Inequality Era

The Carbon Inequality Era

in 1990, we entered a new global era. From 1990 until 2015, as much carbon entered our atmosphere as had …
Power, Profits and the Pandemic

Pandemic Exposes the Obscenity of our Economy: 3 Ways We Got Here and 4 Ways We Can Get Back on Track

Released today, Oxfam’s report – Power, Profits and the Pandemic – reveals how global corporate behaviour has not only made the economic …
World Humanitarian Day 2020

World Humanitarian Day 2020: Celebrating Yemen’s Local Heroes in the Midst of Crisis

This World Humanitarian Day, Oxfam pays tribute to all humanitarians, like these three extraordinary people in Yemen, who are working …
Oxfam Trailwalker 2021

5 reasons why people are doing Oxfam Trailwalker

Since our launch last month, we have seen an incredible response with people stepping up to take on the Oxfam …
Bone Kortie

A family struck by hunger

A Mother of Eight Narrates Ordeal in Covid-19Written by Bettie Kemah Johnson-Mbayo, Oxfam in Liberia Before the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, Bone …
Covid-19 Vaccine

The Top Five Questions You Asked About Oxfam’s Call For A People’s Vaccine

Oxfam, along with UNAIDS and over 150 world leaders recently called for the forthcoming Coronavirus vaccine to be made available free of charge, …
Meet Nick and Renay – Mindful Travellers

Meet Nick and Renay – Mindful Travellers

Nick Potter and Renay Duncalfe, of Wellington have been driven by their strong values, supporting Oxfam Aotearoa since the early …