Oxfam in Fiji

Fiji became independent in 1970 following almost a century of British colonial rule. Political and racial tensions between indigenous Fijians and Indo-Fijians over the last 20 years have brought economic, social and political instability to the islands.

Oxfam New Zealand in Fiji

Gender justice

The Fiji Women’s Rights Movement is committed to removing discrimination against women and giving women a greater voice in their communities. Find out how Oxfam is fighting for gender justice in Fiji.

  •  New leaders
    Oxfam is currently working with the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement on the Young Women in Leadership programme. For many young women it has been a life changing experience. Here’s what Karisha Kaajal Kumar, 19, had to say...
  • Action for change
    The Women’s Action for Change group worked with disadvantaged communities, particularly young people, in rural Fiji. Oxfam  supported them to develop their knowledge and skills to allow their work greater long-term impact.
  • A woman of courage
    The Director of the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement has been recognised with two prestigious international awards.