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Development programmes

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Oxfam’s programmes are designed to drive systemic change for communities across the Pacific and beyond.

Map showing areas that Kotui is active in


The Kōtui programme is designed to drive systemic change for vulnerable and marginalised women facing climate breakdown and disasters. The projects included in the Kōtui programme aim to improve women’s access to resources and opportunities and make sure that the governance systems that affect them include women and their priorities. 

Kōtui seeks two long-term outcomes: first governance systems affecting resilience are more inclusive, accountable and gender-responsive. Secondly, women have more equitable access
to resources and opportunities that matter to their resilience and wellbeing

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Papua New Guinea

Our goal is to improve health, resilience, and quality of life for remote and vulnerable communities, particularly women and children, in rural Papua New Guinea.

Solomon Islands

Women in Solomon Islands have little influence on the critical decisions that directly impact their lives because they are not often included in decision-making groups or processes. 


Timor-Leste accesses significant amounts of climate finance, yet women and other vulnerable groups in Timor-Leste have not yet been able to adequately access or benefit from climate finance.


This project will drive work on the distribution of land rights information at the community level, alongside broader women’s empowerment work.

Other programmes include: