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Indonesia is a vast, complex country. It’s the world’s largest Muslim nation and the third biggest democracy. Its economy is ranked 16th globally and its capital Jakarta is one of the world’s true megacities. Indonesia’s global profile and clout is increasingly confident.

Oxfam New Zealand in Indonesia

Gender justice

  • Gender justice
    Oxfam works with the Women’s Association for Justice (APIK) in the West Nusa Tenggara Province and the city of Makassar in campaigning and advocating for women's rights. APIK is also fighting to stop domestic violence and to protect the human rights of Indonesian workers overseas and eliminate human trafficking.
  • Supporting women
    Meet Beauty Erawati, founder and director of Oxfam's key partner in Indonesia, APIK NTB.
  • A new start
    Find out how APIK NTB are helping women like Genik make a new start in life to support themselves and their families.

Emergency response

  • Tsunami emergency reponse in Aceh and Nias
    Oxfam is working in Aceh and in Nias to provide relief to tsunami victims in some of the worst affected areas. We are providing water, sanitation, food, shelter and non-food items. More than 270,000 people have benefited so far from Oxfam programmes.

Country profile

Indonesia is vulnerable to natural disasters, internal conflict and economic crises and has suffered unprecedented turmoil in recent years.

Our partners in Indonesia

Oxfam New Zealand works closely with a number of key partners in Indonesia, supporting a wide variety of services to improve the lives of people living in rural communities. Discover more about the organisations that are bringing about real difference to people's lives.

Oxfam Unwrapped in Indonesia

By buying a gift from Oxfam Unwrapped you can help support our work in Indonesia. Take a look at Oxfam Unwrapped's gifts with a difference and help lift people out of poverty, for good.