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A new start

Genik and family, Saba village
Genik (39) from Saba Village in Central Lombok.
APIK's help she has been able to build a
better future for her family.

Oxfam’s partner in Indonesia, APIK NTB, provides legal help to women and children, victims of human trafficking and women who suffer from domestic violence or discrimination.

We’re also helping women like Genik, who would otherwise face the threat of impoverishment, to rebuild their lives and economic independence.

Here's what Genik has to say about how APIK NTB have helped her shape a better future for her family:

“My husband abandoned me for a younger wife and left me with nothing.
I had no money to look after our children,” says Genik.

“APIK NTB’s lawyers worked hard to help me get an alimony payment from my husband. They also gave me a small grant that I used to buy ducks. I’ve been breeding ducks and selling cooked, salted eggs. I’m now raising several goats as well and I can afford to send my daughter to college.”

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