Help Hinome Stay In School

No girl should be held back because of her period. Donate now.  “I feel down, I feel that I am not going to make it, some of my classmates will be scoring good marks than me. I get very emotional and sometimes I cry when I miss out on test and assignments.” – Hinome*, grade […]

Grow Hope, and so much more

SOW THE SEEDS OF A BETTER FUTURE What does the festive season mean to you? Every year as we prepare for Christmas here in New Zealand, Maria prepares her family for months of hunger. Known as the hungry season in Timor-Leste, during this time, many families have eaten all their available food, and the next […]

Coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus crisis: you can help save lives You’ve been told to practice physical distancing, wash your hands and test for Covid-19 if you feel sick. What would you do if your situation prevented you from doing these three crucial tasks? How would you feel knowing these necessary measures could save your life? Nur Jahan*, a Rohingya […]

Safe water, saves lives

Safe water saves lives. Imagine not being able to simply turn on a tap to wash your hands and protect yourself from coronavirus. Instead you have to make a long and dangerous journey every day just to get water. You face the risk of injury and violence but without water you face the extra deadly threat of disease. […]

Pandemics Know No Borders

Take heart: while the pandemic knows no borders, neither does our compassion. Imagine being a mother in the Pacific, in a remote village where healthcare is virtually non-existent and there is no safe water to wash your hands. You’ve heard of this new virus, and fear that it might come to your community and family. […]

Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Help women like Rashida have a safe place for themselves and their children. Bangladesh currently has the world’s largest refugee settlement. It’s home to 906,000 people like Rashida who have been forced to flee their homes from violence. With your support, Oxfam and local partners can continue to provide life-changing items like solar torches, which […]