The Future is Equal

Ending Poverty

Water for all

One in five people live without safe water. Yet here in New Zealand, clean water is so plentiful and easily available that we simply take it for granted. In the world’s poorest countries, ill-health from drinking dirty water is one of the most serious threats to human life. Despite great improvements, diseases caused by unclean […]

Aid and development

Aid is critical to reducing poverty in developing countries. Because aid really works. Millions more children around the world are now going to school – developing the skills needed to make a decent living and increasing their chances of breaking free from poverty. Water and sanitation projects are now making it easier for people in developing […]

Food and livelihoods

Helping people in poverty develop sustainable livelihoods. Secure livelihoods mean a secure future for people and their families, and the chance to live with hope, rather than fear for the future. Over two-thirds of the three billion people who live in poverty currently, rely on small-scale agriculture for their food and wages. Millions of others […]

Women’s rights

You’re more likely to be poor if you are a woman. That’s a fact. Of the 1.3 billion people living in extreme poverty worldwide, more than two-thirds are women and girls. Campaigning for gender equality is an important part of Oxfam’s work, and putting an end to discrimination and unfair treatment is key to eliminating […]

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