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COUNTRY PROFILE: In August 2017 a brutal military crackdown on Rohingya people in Myanmar caused more than 700,000 people to flee across the border in search of safety in Bangladesh. In the years since then, Rohingya families have continued to escape into Bangladesh, finding shelter in one of the many refugee camps in the Cox’s […]

Papua New Guinea

Oxfam is helping to improve the lives of people in rural Papua New Guinea. Country profile: Amongst the country’s towering mountains, deep valleys and tropical forests lie a multitude of communities all with their own languages, cultures and histories. Rural Papua New Guinea is home to 80% of the population, yet these families have seen […]


Vanuatu is a lush archipelago of more than 80 scattered volcanic islands. Country profile: Agriculture, fishing, offshore financial services and tourism are the economic mainstays, yet 76 per cent of Vanuatu’s population live a subsistence lifestyle. Rural areas are often remote and have limited infrastructure. Climate change threatens Vanuatu’s food security and the country is […]


Timor-Leste is a nation comprising half of the island of Timor, in Southeast Asia. Timor-Leste is highly vulnerable to climate-related disasters, and is considered the seventh most disaster-prone country in the world. Women and girls are disproportionately affected by the negative consequences of drought, landslides, and floods. Gender-based violence is prevalent across Timor-Leste and research […]


Country profile: The Kingdom of Tonga is a remote, low-lying archipelago in the South Pacific comprised of 171 islands. Over two-thirds of the population live on the largest island of Tongatapu. Tonga has a vulnerable small island economy and is susceptible to natural disasters. Its isolation and scattered population create economic difficulties including high transport […]

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