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The Top Five Questions You Asked About Oxfam’s Call For A People’s Vaccine

Oxfam, along with UNAIDS and over 150 world leaders recently called for the forthcoming Coronavirus vaccine to be made available free of charge, to everyone on the planet. As researchers race to find a vaccine, you asked us some great questions about our call to action. Here are our answers: 1. why is it important for the covid-19 […]

Meet Nick and Renay – Mindful Travellers

Nick Potter and Renay Duncalfe, of Wellington have been driven by their strong values, supporting Oxfam New Zealand since the early 2000s. “We decided to support Oxfam because of the focus on the Pacific region…and because it campaigns to address the root causes of poverty (not just the symptoms). Oxfam is guided by good values, […]

“I might not survive this pandemic but right now I am their mother”

A Mother’s Day Tribute to Atsede GetanethBy Tigist Gebru “I might not even survive this pandemic but right now, the most important thing for me is my children. I cannot see them go hungry.” Before COVID-19 reached Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Atsede Gataneth, a single mother who sells vegetables for a living, earned enough money to […]

Love in the time of COVID

LEFT: Oxfam humanitarian specialist Darren Brunk; RIGHT: Oxfam New Zealand’s partner, the Tonga National Youth Congress put together a team of youth volunteers for their emergency response work in Tonga after Hurricane Harold struck last week. Here a TNYC worker uses Oxfam equipment to clean contaminated water for a community of 100 on the remote island of Nukunuku Motu. […]

Pandemics know no borders. Neither does compassion.

Sometimes a week can feel like a very long time. As we watch the global spread of coronavirus and see our country and our world changing daily in front of us, we naturally feel concern, and even fear, for ourselves, our family, friends and beyond. Everyone is impacted, whether feeling the distance of loved ones far away, anxiety for […]

How To Wash Your Hands Video

Washing hands saves lives, put your hands together and learn how. Oxfam has been providing safe clean water and helping prevent disease around the world since the 1960s. With Coronavirus being declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, there is no better time than now to learn how to properly wash your hands.