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Uganda: The human cost of climate change

 James Akena/ Oxfam International)

The recent droughts and seasonal changes in Uganda have created a living hell for pastoralists in Kotido, one of the five districts of the Karamoja region. Pastoralists have been forced to migrate to relatively wetter and greener Abim district and sometimes to the further off Pader district in order to graze their animals where water and pasture are running out as well.

Some villages have started implementing new programs such as the Nasapir village, also in the Kotido district. The local people in Nasapir, mobilised by Oxfam, have built a dam with two water reservoirs that will have enough water for the local people and their cattle.

TV3 correspondent Mike McRoberts recently traveled to Uganda with Oxfam, and compiled a report to highlight the connection between climate change and poverty in this area.

If you would like to take action against climate change, there are many other things for you to see and do.