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Political leaders must wake up to the danger of climate change

October 8, 2018 Two and a half years ago I sat barricaded inside my home in Fiji, listening to a ferocious wind travelling at an average speed of 230 kilometres an hour. Over the howl of the wind I could hear trees crashing down outside. I didn’t know how long the storm was going to last. I didn’t know where the next tree would fall.

We're still fighting for a Zero Carbon New Zealand

October 4, 2017 by Artur Francisco, Digital Campaigns Coordinator

Latest climate change evidence confirms what farmers told Oxfam

July 4, 2016 New research has confirmed Oxfam's findings of many years, climate change is making life harder for farmers around the world. John Magrath, Programme Researcher, reflects on what we know and reaffirms the need for climate action.

In the eye of the storm

February 17, 2016 Jamie Melbourne-Hayward is blogging from the Pacific Climate Change Conference 2016 Climate leaders gather in Wellington Two months ago, 195 countries made history by signing the Paris Agreement to tackle climate change. The world is now faced with the task of turning promises into action. In the Pacific, where low-lying atolls are already disappearing, the action cannot come soon enough.

High Tide Talks, From Paris to the Pacific

December 4, 2015 Half a world away from the hectic negotiations of the Paris Conference on Climate Change, high tides are the main topic of discussion for a Pacific couple visiting their family in New Zealand.

What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

September 30, 2015 The world has agreed a new set of 17 goals to guide global action to end poverty over the next 15 years. These goals are our best chance to realise a shared and lasting vision of prosperity for all. Let’s make sure it’s more than just words. Let’s make it happen.

The road to sustainable development runs through Paris

September 24, 2015 By Dr Jason Myers, Oxfam New Zealand's Advocacy and Campaigns Director It’s less than ten weeks from critical UN climate negotiations in Paris. Right now world leaders are agreeing a new global development agenda. What’s the connection?

The road to Paris and beyond

Road to Paris September 9, 2015 A flurry of activity over the next 100 days will set the course for the global response to climate change.

Shout for climate action

June 29, 2015 Climate change is dramatically changing the world we love. It’s putting our homes, our land and our food at risk. In December 2015, world leaders will meet in Paris to hammer out a deal to tackle climate change – that's why we're shouting about it louder than ever.Add your voice to the call for urgent action.

Climate change hits home

June 29, 2015 In Tuvalu, the impact of global warming to my people is real. We are already at risk. But together, we have the power to make change, writes Fala Haulangi.