Latest Syria conflict blog posts

In destroyed Aleppo, nearly 2 million people struggle to have clean water

February 14, 2017 (by Dania Kareh and Eslam Mardini) Hassan, 15, fills two jerry cans from a public well, and heads back home to his mother and sister in Aleppo. He will do the trip several times to fulfil their water needs. The young boy is one of an estimated 1.8 million people who were left without running water in Aleppo for nearly a month, as ISIS militants, in control of the main water source to the city, had reportedly shut down the water supply.

Hunger haunts millions across Yemen and Syria

February 15, 2016 Conflict in the Middle East has driven countless families from their homes. Now, many face futures of grave uncertainty.

Satellite photos reveal extent of humanitarian emergencies

March 19, 2015 Satellite photos are providing an increasingly important role in humanitarian emergencies, revealing the level of destruction and allowing a very visual before and after comparison. Two new galleries of such images have just been published in the news media, from two different emergencies, the Syria conflict crisis and the Cyclone Pam devastation.

Syria: a stain on the conscience of the world

March 12, 2015 Enormous numbers have had to flee violence in Syria. Most are disappointed with the ineffectiveness of the international community. A new report by Oxfam and 20 aid and human rights organisations shows there is good reason for this disillusionment.

Palestinian refugees from Syria: a story of perpetual displacement

October 3, 2014 After more than three years of conflict, the generosity of Syria's neighbouring countries such as Lebanon is at breaking point

Childhood in reverse

September 18, 2014 Stand #WithSyria and demand an end to indiscriminate attacks in Syria

‘Have faith in Syrian women. We can do anything.’

June 27, 2014 Jenny Enarsson, Oxfam's Syria crisis response gender advisor, explains why including Syria's women in negotiations is critical for the peace process.

Syria: three years of conflict

March 12, 2014 The story of Sabeen, who fled Syria just 24 hours after giving birth to her baby, will stay with Nigel Timmins, Oxfam's deputy humanitarian director, forever.

Banksy stands #WithSyria

March 12, 2014 A new image from the street artist evokes both the cost of the conflict and the hope for peace.

UNSC demands humanitarian access across Syria

March 3, 2014 “This resolution should not have been necessary,” UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon told the 15 member states of the UN Security Council on their unanimous adoption of a resolution demanding humanitarian access across Syria.