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Nepal Water Appeal

No mother can raise a family with dirty water, but Hira has no other choice. She lives in remote Far West Nepal, where clean water is dangerously scarce and poverty is widespread.

Clean water would change everything for Hira. It would mean she could escape poverty and protect her children from life-threatening disease. 

Hira makes several trips a day — each time hauling up to 50 litres in a container on her back. 

"I go to collect water seven to eight times a day. I need enough for the animals, for using the toilet, for drinking, for taking a bath, for growing food and for the whole family. It takes 30 minutes for one trip," she explains. "But that is only when there is no crowd at the well. If there is a queue then it takes two hours." 

Carrying 50 litre containers of water for up to 14 hours of each day, up and down steep mountainsides is back-breaking work. 

"I don't know how to express properly how it feels. I carry 40 to 50 litres at night and collect water for the whole family," she says. "Because the water is very cold and my back and whole body are in so much pain from carrying it back in the night. It makes me feel really sick."

Despite all her efforts, the water Hira collects isn't safe for consumption. Her family often falls ill as a result of the dirty water. No family can thrive without clean water. 

As Oxfam supporters, you can play a part in ensuring communities have access to water. With your donation we can repair tube wells, install tap stands and initiate projects providing hydropower to remote areas in Nepal and around the world. 

can repair a tube well, providing clean water for one household
can repair a tap stand, providing for a community
can install a new tap stand for a household or community
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