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Cut climate pollution fairer and faster

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Playing our part in climate action

Oxfam is mobilising to ensure Aotearoa plays its part in protecting the people and places we love that are under threat from climate breakdown. We are also acting to make sure the government does all it can to properly support people in poorer and climate vulnerable countries.

Recently, we celebrated a big win – our 18-month campaign asking the government to boost funding for those on the frontlines of climate change led to a four-fold increase in New Zealand’s climate finance, representing $1.3 billion over the next four years!

With your help we are a strong global voice for a 1.5° C planet. Together with the wider climate movement we’ve helped tell the story of what New Zealand’s fair share of action should look like and put more pressure on our government to reduce this country’s climate pollution, particularly in the companies and sectors that have the largest climate footprint, like agriculture.

There’s more that we’ll be doing in this space throughout 2022, with an ongoing push to make the government’s Emissions Reduction Plan cut climate pollution fairer and faster. We want the government to help the farming sector play its part by setting up transition hubs and bringing agriculture into the Emissions Trading Scheme so every business pays the full price for its climate pollution.

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