Where we work

Oxfam's work to build peace and prevent conflict is part of our wider programme to promote the right to life and security. Our approach includes community-based peacebuilding, emergency relief to people affected by conflict and also campaigning and advocacy work at an international level.

Oxfam New Zealand has developed strong expertise in conflict prevention and peacebuilding in the Pacific.

Partners for Peace

Oxfam and Kup Women for Peace formed a partnership with the Peace Foundation Melanesia in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The partnership is reducing conflict and improving the quality of life in the Kup district by training community members in skills to resolve local-level tensions and to settle disputes in a non-violent way. Recently, 120 community justice mediators were inducted into the programme, with representatives from all eight clans in Kup. Participants from conflicting clans are now working together and using conflict-reduction techniques based on traditional Melanesian mediation, which will allow peacebuilding to be sustained in the long-term.

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Current emergencies

Oxfam International

Oxfam is currently working in emergency situations in over 30 countries around the world.