Action for change

Oxfam supported the work of the Women’s Action for Change (WAC) group for many years. The group works with disadvantaged people in Fiji such as women, sexual minorities and young people, encouraging them to strive for a fairer, more just and equal society.

Rural Youth Theatre project

Oxfam supported the Rural Youth Theatre project that focuses on improving the lives of young people in rural Fiji by helping to promote equality, justice and a social conscience within the community. Young people from a rural village perform three theatre plays that focus on human rights. The groups travels to rural communities and schools to spread their messages.

The project continues to train young people in conflict resolution skills to enable them to support conflict resolution and crime prevention with other young people in their own villages, schools and communities.

Improving skills for the long-term

Oxfam also worked to build the capacity of the members of the Women’s Action for Change group to ensure the long-term sustainability and effectiveness of their work. Oxfam helped local staff and volunteers develop and improve their knowledge and skills and increase their understanding of social justice needs in Fiji.

Our partner in Fiji