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Indonesia is a vast, complex country. It’s the world’s largest Muslim nation, the third biggest democracy and its economy is ranked 16th in the world. Yet the benefits of economic growth are spread unevenly and there is an increasing gap between rich and poor with 115 million people living on less than US$2 a day.

Women in particular lack access to basic services, natural resources and economic and political opportunities and there is a high rate of violence against women, both within family groups and against women domestic workers.

Women and worker's rights

Oxfam works with local partner with APIK (NTB) – the Association of Indonesian Women for Justice in Nusa Tengarra Barat (NTB) Province. Together we provide:

  • free legal aid to women who are victims of trafficking, violence and discrimination
  • legal aid and support to migrant workers.
  • advocacy and campaigning work on women’s rights and the rights of migrant workers

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  • Over 8500 cases of domestic violence handled by APIK since 1999
  • 95% success rate in getting justice for victims
  • Agreement signed between APIK and law enforcement agencies to complete all cases of trafficking
  • Ongoing 24-hour support and guidance to women who are victims of violence, abuse and trafficking
  • More women and child victims of trafficking receive formal legal aid
  • Each year, more paralegal workers trained and able to handle cases of trafficking and violence against women

Meet some of the women we've helped

Since partnering with Oxfam in 2002, when they operated from a garage with only three staff, APIK  has developed from a small provincial NGO to become the pre-eminent women's rights NGO in Nusa Tengarra Barat Province.

Together we've helped thousands of women win justice.

Success stories

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