Women and worker's rights

Oxfam works with APIK (NTB) in Nusa Tengarra Barat (NTB) Province. APIK is a legal institute that has been supporting women’s fight against injustice since 1991. Together were working for fair treatment of women by the legal system and wider society, to stop domestic violence, resolve traffiking cases, protect migrant workers and uphold and defend the human rights of women.

Women’s rights and ending violence against women

Campaigning and advocacy is a key area of APIK’s work. Oxfam and APIK campaign for women’s rights and to challenge practices such as polygamy, abandonment of wives and children, the lack of joint heritage for women, and physical violence against women. We advocate for women to receive fair financial support for women and children after divorce or separation.

APIK runs a 24-hour Hotline service that provides legal advice and guidance to women and manages the Outreach Centre Network, a network of women’s self-help groups run by survivors of violence, polygamy and divorce.

Justice for migrant workers

APIK works with migrant workers, many of whom travel overseas to work as domestic workers, only to find themselves defrauded by fake recruitment agents or abused by their employers. For many young women, the worst case scenario can mean being caught up in an illegal sex-trade.

APIK offers to help abused migrant workers both through direct legal intervention as well as linking victims and their families to various support networks.

Human trafficking

APIK and Oxfam also work to support victims of human trafficking.  NTB province is a hub for the illegal trade. On average APIK deals with 150-200 cases a year, of which 99% of victims are girls.

Handling trafficking cases is different from other human right cases. Perpetrators are usually part of national and international syndicates and it takes a lot of time, manpower, courage and cost to take on such cases. Our work enables:

  • the legal training and support to bring trafficking cases to court and win justice for victims
  • the training hundreds of men and women at community level to detect cases of trafficking and refer cases to APIK lawyers
  • financial support for victims to carry bring legal action against traffickers

On film: Working with victims of trafficking

Watch this short film to find out more about some of the victims we’ve worked with – and how, with your support, we’re doing all we can to protect women and girls in Indonesia.


April escapes the nightmare of human trafficking

Advocacy and campaigning

Advocacy and campaigning is becoming an increasingly important area of APIK’s work. Oxfam supports APIK to engage with religious and cultural leaders and has established strong relations with local police and judiciary through training, education and a women’s crisis centre, thus ensuring deeper and wider impact of campaigning and policy work.

Oxfam provides funding for outreach materials and activities such a brochures and workshops.


Meet some of the women we've helped

Since partnering with Oxfam in 2002, when they operated from a garage with only 3 staff, APIK  has developed from a small provincial NGO to become the pre-eminent women's rights NGO in Nusa Tengarra Barat Province. Together we've helped thousands of women win justice.

Success stories