Oxfam's partner: APIK NTB

An APIK network event provides migrant workers with advice and assistance.

APIK NTB is a women’s legal aid organisation that works throughout West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) province in Lombok, which has a population of 4.2 million.

APIK has over eight years' experience working with Oxfam New Zealand. In this time it has developed from a small provincial NGO with six staff to become the pre-eminent women's rights NGO in NTB and the leading organisation providing support for all other gender justice organisations in Indonesia.

APIK now has over twenty staff which includes experienced lawyers, community development organisers, policy analysts and financial planners. APIK is based on the involvement and empowerment of women, with community networks of women's groups throughout the province representing more than over 7500 women. The groups comprise poor women and victims of migrant worker abuse, trafficking and discriminatory religious practices.

A particular concern of APIK NTB in recent years has been the growth of religious fundamentalism and its influence on women’s rights and economic marginalisation. APIK is engaging in raising awareness of and education programmes on the rights of women, children, migrant workers and anti-trafficking laws with religious and cultural leaders.

APIK NTB is part of the INNA Network, consisting of gender rights organisations across Indonesia.

APIK in action