Photo: Jane Ussher

Palm-fringed beaches and turquoise seas may lend the impression of an island paradise, but many of Samoa’s rural communities live below the poverty line.

Oxfam in Samoa

Improving livelihoods

  • Fine mat-weaving
    A traditional mat weaving project is giving women the opportunity to learn new skills and revive a declining cultural tradition.
  • Planting the fetau tree
    The fetau tree not only offers protection from cyclones, tsunami and rising tides, but harvesting its oil is offering a new income stream for local communities.
  • Prize winning organics
    Organic farming has had a huge impact in Samoa by helping families increase their incomes through higher prices for crops.
  • Samoan sweetness
    A special partnership between Oxfam, Women in Business Development Inc. (WIBDI) and All Good Bananas is bringing Samoan Organic Dried Banana Chunks to New Zealand.
  • Trading coconuts
    Oxfam's enterprising partner WIBDI has already turned coconuts into a viable income for more than 200 rural families, enabling a break-through contract to supply virgin coconut oil to cosmetic giant The Body Shop.
  • Giving hope to young dreams
    Despite leaving school early, Iopu is determined to build his parents a home. Oxfam’s partner is turning this dream into reality.

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