Bring two great brands together

A partnership with us will align your company's brand with strong social and community values. We can work with you to create an innovative campaign to ensure that you stand out from competitors and your customers engage with your brand in a new way, encouraging brand loyalty. Research has shown that 83% of consumers prefer a product and package that offers a social benefit and 66% will switch when offered such a deal.

Entering into a sponsorship opportunity with us means that your company could get exposure to our 70,000-strong supporter base and enjoy greater brand visibility among the general public.  We can create a bespoke sponsorship package that suits your company and industry. Event sponsorship is also available.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, contact Charlene.

Sponsorship examples

Web Widgets Ltd, aka Website Builder, has been in the web development business since 2000, and is based in Grey Lynn, Auckland. They have helped build thousands of websites here in NZ and internationally. Web Widgets Ltd have been supporting Oxfam since 2004 and now annually support our Pacific Livelihoods Programme, helping to ensure that people have reliable and permanent sources of food, income and employment.  They have also revamped our partner WIBDI’s website for free!  For more information about Website Builder, please visit their website: www.websitebuilder.nz


For more examples see our fantastic sponsors of Oxfam Trailwalker.