Ending violence against women

Agnes works with the Kup Women for Peace in Papua New Guinea to reduce violence and discrimination against women and to alleviate poverty and promote sustainable development.

Violence against women is universal. It injures or kills one in three women across the world.

Many societies accept violence against women based on deep-seated social beliefs that women are fundamentally of less value than men.

Oxfam is working with partners and with campaigners around the world to change policies and practices, ideas and beliefs, to break the silence and bring an end to violence against women.

Gender violence and basic rights

Violence against women is a violation of women’s basic human rights. Not only are women denied their right to live free from violence, but they are also prevented from claiming their economic, social and political rights.

Where we work

Oxfam New Zealand works with partner organisations in Southeast Asia and the Pacific that are addressing gender inequality and the problem of violence against women.

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