Antoinette Lawlor - Auckland Marathon 2014

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Antoinette Lawlor Team leader
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Ok, so I've signed up to do the Auckland Marathon in November, and I'm kind of freaking out!  There will be months of training, on cold dark mornings, sore feet, probably sore everthing!  But I know with your support and the knowledge that I'm not just doing this for myself, I'll make it!  I'm really proud to be able to run as part of the Oxfam team, the amazing efforts of Oxfam help so many worldwide.  

It would be awesome if you could sponsor me, it'll help me even more to be able to push through the kilometres knowing you're all behind me.

Thank you for your support, I hope to make you proud!

Antoinette x


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Fundraising target: $1,500.00

Total raised: $1,436.35
Achieved 96% of the target
Fundraising deadline: 20 November 2014

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Donor name Donation Message
Ben Lawlor $100.00 proud of u sp awesome effort for a great cause El guappo
Jeff Laird $35.00 Good on you!
Ania Scott $20.00 Well done!
Shoe Clinic Ponsonby $4.35 This donation is from my purchases from the wonderful Shoe Clinic Ponsonby team! Thank you for your support to my fundraising efforts for the Auckland Marathon
Jenkins Girls $50.00
Claire Sparks $25.00 Go Ant!!
The Crowthers $60.00 Run like the wind Antoinette!!! love from the Crowthers!!!
Alison Pullen $25.00 well done for all your training - enjoy the day as much as you can. Run strong xx
Not telling $42.00 Go Antoinette! Damn I only meant to press cents not dollars! Hehehe
Mel Highnam $10.00 Good work AF. We support you all the way. MB & Richard.
Marguerite, Phil, William, Daniel, Emily $20.00 Awesome effort with the training, enjoy the event, we're all proud of you xx
Pete and tania $20.00 Well done Annie on all your hard work so far. Very proud of you and don't know how you do it. Will be with you on the day, but not literally lol
Herman and Judith $25.00 You had better win this!
Sarndra, Brandon and Jackson $33.00 You're at $1000.00 now so your next target is just around the corner
Laura Coker $25.00 Go Antoinette, you are amazing! X
Caroline Charlotte and Tommy $20.00 Go girl we know you can do it
Libby Ralph $30.00 Libby & Jackson Ralph Go Aunty Annie! What a great cause, do your best! make sure you have fun too tho! We love you.
Jessica Dickinson $50.00 Go Antoinette! Good luck with the run - I know you can do it!
Esther Beemster $25.00 Respect to you Antoinette, good luck!
Nathan Zamprogno $20.00 Is this your response to my Ice Bucket challenge nomination? Well played, Antoinette. Well played.
Barrie Meltzer $100.00 Good luck!
Esther $50.00 Go Annie, I know you will reach your goal. God Bless, Esther
Caroline $20.00 Hey Antoinette - Good luck with the run and good on you for supporting such a good cause. You'll nail it! Cx
Jenni $20.00 Well done Antoinette, I'll be sending you positive running vibes on the day.
Anonymous $50.00
St Heliers Neighbours $35.00 more donations collected by my kids from our great neighbours!
Kim EunYoung Mann $20.00 I can't wait, Antoinette will win this Marathon.
St Heliers Neighbours $90.00 My awesome kids went round the neighbours collecting on my behalf!
Amelia Lawlor $9.00 Because I love you and you are the best Mummy in the world.
Angus Lawlor $9.00 Because I love you!
Mum Lawlor $84.00 May God Bless your little cotton socks. Running as fast at the end as at the beginning.
WAKA family $20.00 Wow that's awesome. Would take us days to run that far. Well done. Andrew and Wawang
Jill $25.00 I really enjoy training with you, even though I'm only going half the distance ;-) You can do it!!!
Tracy Bilger $25.00 No doubt in my mind that you can do it Antoinette!!
Anonymous $25.00 Go Antoinette!!!! Claire and Sara-Jane
Anonymous $30.00 And youré JUST GETTING STARTED Antoinette ! Grandad Erwin.
Anonymous $25.00 We are so proud of our daughter Antoinette taking on her first "whole" marathon and raising money for Oxfam..
Remus and Carol Dabb $50.00
Anonymous $25.00 The Lamb family- Good Luck in achieving your goals Antoinette xx
Anonymous $25.00 Jackie Jones GOOD LUCK!!
Grace Lawlor $10.00 I'm really happy that I can help sponsor Oxfam, I'm grateful that my Mummy is doing this!
Anonymous $25.00 Kristy & Brent
Anonymous $25.00